Hire, Train & Deploy Training

Currently trending, the Hire-Train-Deploy model is a disruptive training and hiring program. It aims at bridging the gap between industry expectations and the time required to hire talent ready to be employed on the main job immediately. The process of the Hire, Train and Deploy program is as simple as hiring a candidate, training them for an industry-related job with the specific skill set, and deploying them at the client’s establishment once the training is over. If implemented appropriately, the HTD program saves a massive amount of time and cost for both the staffing company and the client.

 Hire, Train and Deploy Model at Vapsnest

Vapsnest works conjointly with our clients to understand their organizational requirements to be able to provide them with comprehensive and valuable recruitment and consulting services. We also collaborate with clients to build an end-to-end customized training plan, being cognizant of government norms and scheme benefits.

 We follow a 4-step model to provide Hire, Train and Deploy staffing services 


Based on the business needs and objectives of our clients, we hire apprentices / freshers / candidates.


We provide relevant training to our hires to instill soft skills and job specific skill sets.


Deploy fully trained candidates for the client’s projects.


To increase the success rate of our Hire-Train-Deploy model, we support both clients and candidates throughout the process and post deployment.

 Challenges of Hire, Train and Deploy Program we address at Vapsnest

With Vapsnest HTD model, employers can free themselves from the ordeal of searching for local talent and preparing them for a job through an elaborate training program. This way the employers end up engaging a number of other employees who have to abandon their workload and engage in training freshers. Sometimes, employers are compelled to hire in-house trainers or pay more to third-party trainers to upskill and groom their freshers.

 Our Hire, Train and Deploy training program beats the following challenges :

 For Employers:

  •  Shortage of local talent

  •  Urgent hiring of talent for niche jobs

  •  Mass hiring for a specific industry skillset

  •  High costing investment on sourcing and training candidates

  •  Shortage of time and resources required for training new candidates

 For Candidates:

  •  Difficulty in finding internships with certification

  •  Lack of knowledge of existing job with wages and apprenticeship opportunities

  •  Lack of accessibility to technology and training materials to prepare for desired jobs

  •  Lack of awareness of agencies, like Alp Consulting, that are ready to enroll and train freshers and help them find suitable jobs.

 Benefits of Hire, Train and Deploy Program at Vapsnest

As a recruitment agency that has existed in the market for 02 years, we ensure our extensive staffing knowledge complements our commitment to being customer-centric in all our services. At Vapsnest, we understand that a collaborative approach is the best way to eliminate the challenges faced by our clients and candidates. We prioritize fully understanding our client’s challenges, and business objectives to be able to provide them with a service model that is pliable enough to meet all their needs.

 Our HTD model is robust, flexible, cost-effective, yet simple. It includes the following steps -

  •  Through multiple channels, we search for the right candidates with the right background and interview them.

  •  Our expert trainers train these freshers for a period of 4-6 weeks as per the requirements set by our clients.

  •  We continuously monitor and support the trainees and prepare them to face an interview with the client.

  •  On completion of the final evaluation of classroom training, we set up interview rounds with the clients.

  •  Post the interviews, the client shortlists candidates who are suitable to be deployed in on-the-job training for the next 6-12 months.

After the trainees finish their on-the-job training, they are employed by Alp as contract employees at the client’s organization. Sometimes, employers develop a keen interest in hiring these trained freshers as permanent employees and take them off from our contract.

 Some key benefits of our HTD staffing solution are :

Rapid resource hiring : Employers get access to a pool of fully trained local talent who are ready to be hired for on-the-job training.

Custom trained candidates: Our candidates are exclusively trained to develop specific skill sets that meet your business needs.

Cost Effective hiring: Save cost on searching, hiring, and training freshers and eliminate the risk of drop-outs or excess hiring.

Competitive Advantage: Alp Consulting is one of the biggest staffing giants in India and we are equipped with the best training infrastructure supported by dynamic staffing solutions.

Employment to freshers: We feel the most important benefit of our HTD model is providing employment to freshers with work experience of 1-2 years. They are fully trained to develop certain skill sets and eventually get employed.

Hire the right talent with the right skill-set: We provide our clients with the flexibility to interview and select the number of trainees required after they finish training and clear tests.

Vapsnest Hire, Train and Deploy program is invested in redefining the way companies hire freshers, apprentices and wage workforce from the local talent pool. Hence, you can say that Hire-Train-Deploy is our most sought-after talent development and talent acquisition program that is beneficial for both parties - clients and candidates. Our clients get access to a trained workforce without investing too much time, effort and money, while our candidates get to learn the latest technology and expand their knowledge with help from the finest trainers provided by us.